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rescue products
Getmie Safe provide a full range of rescue equipment & accessories from various manufacturers as well as our own products and systems.

Getmie Safe is a partner company of Mittelmann and provide sales, training and after sales care and maintenance of the full Mittelmann range of products.

   Fast Rescue  

   Fast access

The Fast Rescue lifting and descending device is a resuce system by means of which one or two persons, or several persons one after the other are able to evacuate from a higher to a lower place at limited velocity.  These devices are ideal for evacuation from cranes, hanging scaffolds and other structures. 

In addition, a person can be lifted or lowered from one level to another by a rescuer or the rescuer can descend to  a casualty, collect that person and lower them to safety.

The Fast Access model has two lifting ratchets to allow an increase in lifting speed. 

With the addition of the rescue pole a casualty can be connected to the system from up to 5.4 metres away and lifted or lowered to safety making this a ’no risk’ situation for the rescuer.  Various rope lengths of up to 160m can be provided to suit requirements.  Standard length is 30m.  

 These devices have many applications, these are as follows:

·      Evacuation of one or more persons from a high to lower area, ie; cranes or hanging scaffolding.
·      No risk rescue of a suspended person using our 5.49m long reach pole.
·      Lifting a casualty from a lower area or from a suspended position.
·      Lowering of a casualty or stretcher.
·      Descending to a casualty to retrieve them by either lifting or lowering.
·      Confined space rescue. Either with a conventional tripod or used within a vessel to lift the casualty over baffle plates or other obstructions.
The versatility of the product helps our clients  become compliant in many aspects of rescue or evacuation.
The need for a system that is simple to use, light, portable and efficient is hard to achieve for one scenario let alone several but we believe that we have succeeded with this product.
Some Technical info:                                                          
Device class/En standard           A/En 341 - 1993
Device class/En standard           B/En 1496 – 1996                    
Permitted descent height          160m 
Maximum descent height          As marked on device 
Maximum descent load             200kg (2 persons)
Maximum lifting capacity          200kg (2 persons)                          
Maximum lifting height              30m
Max descent speed                  0.8m/s controlled by centrifugal breaking
Our instructions vary to suit which products the client purchases and the client requirements for the device. As seen above the device has many features, some of which the client may not wish to use or be trained for.
We tailor our training and instruction manuals to suit your specific needs.
Getmie Safe ltd provide  on site training  anywhere in the UK for all of our rescue products.

Suspension relief footloops.

 We all understand the risks and the severe discomfort of prolonged suspension.
Getmie Safe have developed our own system of relief footloop which attaches to the anchor point on the harness therefore reducing the strain on the persons body. 
The system provides instant relief and also has the benefit of raising the feet and leaving the suspended person in a sitting position.


The footloops come in a small pouch that can be stored in the your pocket or they can be attached to the harness shoulder strap ready to deploy.
Please see the footloops film on our downloads page.


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